22 March 2020, 1-4pm
Dunedin Railway Station

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In collaboration with the Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council as the closing ceremony for Race Relations Week, Kotahitaka Day celebrates New Zealand’s diversity, together, as one nation.

Pronounced Kor-tah-hee-tucker, and meaning unity, Kotahitaka Day marks the anniversary of the Christchurch terror attacks and Otago Anniversary weekend. Both anniversaries speak to the heritage and diversity of New Zealand. Spurred on by horror and tragedy, but responded to by collaboration, love and trust, we hope Kotahitaka Day will be celebrated annually nationwide.

Try traditional kiwi and multicultural foods. Enjoy performances representing a circumnavigation of the world, culminating in the Pacific Islands and NZ for the finale. Family, friends, and neighbours are all welcome and please don’t leave without making a new friend.


The Kotahitaka Name and Logo

With the expertise of local Māori Elder, Rua McCallum, Kotahitaka, meaning ‘unity’ and togetherness, has been chosen as our name. In line with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, it reflects the status of Māori as our first people, with ‘New Zealand Together’ below, representing our bicultural heritage. Kotahitaka is pronounced ‘kor-tah-hee-tucker’ with ‘kor’ as in the English word ‘core’.

Our logo was created by Ngai Tahu descendant designer Michael Hyndman, at CMH Digital, Dunedin. We chose one heart in Kahurangi pounamu green colour to represent kotahitaka, overlaid by the waves and clouds that surround NZ. In the middle koru unfurl as they bring new life and hope.

The Vision Beyond: A major event requires significant resource including particularly administrative time. This is not a celebration of ethnic minorities for ethnic minorities; it is a celebration of our whole community. We will assist other cities and regions to organize Kotahitaka Days in future years. “Kotahitaka NZ Together Trust” will act as a transparent financial and resource hub.

“Kotahitaka NZ Trust” Committee Members

  • Gerard de Courcey, Co-Chair Kotahitaka Trust, Dunedin Lawyer 
  • Paul Gourlie, Co-Chair Kotahitaka Trust, Dunedin Multi-ethnic Council 
  • Lux Selvanesan, Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council President
  • Mirani Keillor, Accountant, Administration
  • Malcolm Wong –Treasurer Kotahitaka Trust, Community Trust, OU Council
  • Nina Molteno – General Practitioner, Biotechnology
  • Latika Samalia—Medical Specialist and Educator OU
  • Ahmad Taha–Neurosurgeon and Syrian Refugee Community Representative
  • Jessie Lenagh-Glue- Secretary Kotahitaka Trust, Law, Administration
  • Noelyn Hung- Chair Kotahitaka Trust, Medical Specialist,  admin@kotahitaka.org.nz

Our Supporters:

  • Prime Minister – letter of support 
  • Dunedin City Council 
  • NZ Council of Women
  • Syrian Refugee Community
  • The New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils
  • Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust
  • Ara Toi
  • Rotary
  • Otago Regional Council
  • Museum of Natural Mystery, Dunedin
  • Olveston, Dunedin